Licensed and Bonded

New England's Environmentally Concious Choice


Are You Building Green? Concrete Washout Solutions of New England Are Here To Help!

    Advantages to using our system:


    • Exceeds US EPA, State EPA and Regional guidelines

    • Self-contained, watertight and portable roll off bin to eliminate wastewater discharge

    • Easily accessible and capable of having 3 concrete trucks washout simultaneously

    • Steel folding ramps to accommodate almost all pumps

    • Capable of holding 5.5 yards of material; equivalent to 38 trucks and 2 concrete pumps or washout from 350 yards of poured concrete

    • All wastewater and concrete material is recycled

    • 100% credit towards LEED point’s as a “single source separated recyclable”


Concrete Washout Solutions of New England offer safe, responsible, and environmentally conscious alternatives to the old work-site concrete washouts. We utilize a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete washout and are on the leading edge of becoming the industry standard in concrete washout removal and recycling.


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